Manage your OS updates

Efficiently handle Android OS versions across your device fleet, guaranteeing the deployment of the right version to each device at the appropriate time.

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manage your OS updates

What is HMD FOTA?

In a high-stakes environment, unexpected software updates can disrupt critical operations. With HMD FOTA, you have a reliable partner for seamless and secure firmware updates in enterprise device management. It keeps you in control, ensuring peak device performance while minimising disruptions.

Customised OS management

Our Firmware Over-The-Air tool puts you back in control, allowing you to manage OS updates remotely. No more manual headaches, just seamless updates for smoother operations!  

Test, Tweak and Triumph

Want to ensure new OS updates won't throw a wrench in your operationsWith HMD FOTA you can test updates on a small group of devices before rolling them out company wide.


Stay Up-to-Date or Skip Ahead

Navigate your OS update strategy with confidence! Opt to skip, embrace, or block updates entirely—whatever suits your company's course.


Smartly schedule OS updates

In business, timing is crucial. Schedule essential OS updates during non-peak hours to minimize disruptions and maintain business continuity. 

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Manage your OS updates

Enforce Essential Updates Across Device Fleet

Securing your devices has never been simpler! Opt to enforce vital OS updates across all your devices without requiring any input from the end user. Keep your device updates in check with our user-friendly dashboard, making management tasks a breeze.

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