Enterprise Mobility Management


Secure and manage your devices wherever they go

Today's workplace offers greater flexibility in the use of devices and other endpoints, both at the office and on the go. However, many businesses face challenges when it comes to ensuring the security and functionality of these devices.

To help your company easily manage and secure your fleet of devices, we developed HMD Enable Pro, our very own Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution based on the latest Android capabilities.

Why should your business deploy
a mobility management solution?


Mobile Devices Endpoint Security

Consistent cybersecurity across all connected devices. 



Business Data Loss Prevention and Mitigation

Wipe a stolen or lost endpoint of its data to ensure hackers can't exploit it. 


Increased productivity

Employees save time from having to learn your corporate-owned device. 


Reduced Technology Overhead

Reduction in overall costs to your business. 


Enables IoT use

With the help of an EMM solution, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) smartphones can be converted into IoT gateways or other IoT solution enablers. Need to lock the device to one app only? Need to know where the device is located at all times, and where it has been? It's possible - and simple - with HMD Enable Pro. 


Enable Pro – easy to use and efficient EMM solution for Android devices

For effective and easy-to-use Android Enterprise Mobility Management, we offer HMD Enable Pro, our very own EMM solution. Benefitting from the latest Android Enterprise capabilities, HMD Enable Pro offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution for managing your company's fleet of devices. 

classroom with teacher and kids - small

Luokkahenki utilising HMD Enable Pro to improve classroom air quality

Mold problems in Finnish schools drove tech start-up Luokkahenki to rethink the way air quality is measured. Students in the Luokkahenki program self-evaluate their health once a week using the Luokkahenki app on a dedicated mobile device.

However, Luokkahenki faced the challenge of making sure their devices were used correctly and for their intended purpose. Here's where HMD Solutions stepped in. Using HMD Enable Pro to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode, Luokkahenki was able to limit the use of their devices to their own app and block access to all other apps and browsers. 

“Kiosk mode is essential for us,” Salminen says. “We can be sure that each of our phones is only used for its intended purpose: as an interface for our service. No one is able to surf the web or play games with our phones. This acts as a safety feature for us – it is useless if anyone steals it and you can’t use it as a mobile phone. Knowing it remains locked for our use is very important.”

Jaakko Salminen, Founder & CEO, Luokkahenki Oy

Cybercriminals don’t discriminate between small or big business and they’re always looking for new ways to attack. The impact of malware ranges from causing additional expenses to your mobile subscription to ransomware attacks and leaks of personal data, and security is always as strong as its weakest link.

Therefore, enterprises large and small are increasingly looking at taking necessary precautions and deploying EMM solutions to define policies on what is and is not allowed to be done with enterprise devices.

Ari Heikkinen, GM, Global Software Security, HMD Global


High-performing business devices and the Enable Pro EMM solution

At HMD, we’re building and supporting the most trusted Android smartphones on the market, putting us in a unique position to ensure that company’s device fleet and EMM are interoperable.

Simply put, we provide the devices, the Enable Pro EMM solution, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything works just as it should.