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Secure asset financing

Protecting financing and leasing companies from fraud and theft. Ensuring timely and risk-free asset payments. 

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Asset financing empowers users around the world

Smartphone and technology adoption is limited in many regions and markets due to a lack of credit options and credit risk control on the part of financing partners, resulting in unequal access to online services.

Asset financing is a convenient option for customers who cannot afford to pay for assets such as smartphones and vehicles in full but can do so in instalments or simply prefer the flexibility that asset subscriptions provide.

Challenges facing
financing companies



Payment defaults and fraud

Recovery of outstanding payments from late payers and tracking down fraudulent cases is a time-consuming process for financing companies.


Risk of theft or loss

Theft and loss of assets during shipping, as well as once they reach their final destination, are major concerns.

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HMD Softlock is the key to securing your assets

HMD Softlock is a service developed in-house by HMD that enables remote locking of assets to protect financing and leasing companies from fraud and theft.

Through the HMD Softlock platform, companies can remotely lock their financed or leased assets in the event of late payments or if the asset is reported stolen - providing a secure way to guarantee asset payments while minimising financial risks. 

Why choose HMD Softlock?



Increase in asset sales

Enables a way for low- or variable-income and underbanked customers to purchase smartphones and other assets on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or instalment basis.


Secure sales models

Enables various asset purchase and usage models in a competitive landscape by lowering the risk of late payments and asset theft.


Secure asset logistics

Reduces the risk for high-volume theft when shipments are in transit or at the store. 


Protection against insurance frauds

Protects against fraudulent insurance claims and related asset sales to grey market.


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