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Protect your assets with HMD Softlock

Remotely lock your financed assets to prevent fraudulent use


Secure and hassle-free EMI payments

HMD Softlock is a service developed in-house by HMD which enables remote locking of assets to protect financing and leasing companies from fraud and theft. Through the HMD Softlock platform, companies can remotely lock their financed or leased assets in case of late payments or if the asset is reported stolen.

When an asset is locked, anyone attempting to steal or commit fraud will be unable to use it. As a result, HMD Softlock provides a secure way to guarantee monthly EMI payments while minimising financial risks. 


How it works?

HMD Softlock operates on a straightforward principle: remote locking. With just a few clicks, you can initiate a secure lock on your financed or leased assets, effectively preventing unauthorized access or movement.

Late payments no longer equate to a threat, and the fear of asset theft becomes a thing of the past. Our user-friendly platform ensures that asset protection is within your reach, anytime and from anywhere.

Flexible operating modes to meet
your business needs

The purpose of the HMD Softlock solution is to give a financing party the ability to remotely lock financed assets if the end-user defaults on payments (Installments model), or to allow a user to get an asset that is by default locked and can only be used by purchasing usage credits (PAYG model) ​


Installments model

The asset is unlocked by default; however, it can be locked for a variety of reasons, including late payments by the user.

This model is best if the user is expected to pay the instalments on a regular basis, such as monthly, over a set period. 



Pay-as-you-go model

The asset is locked by default and can be unlocked via credit purchase by the user.

Using this model makes sense if the user is only able to purchase asset usage time on an as-needed basis.


Network lock

Using the network lock feature, users can remotely lock their HMD Softlock enabled devices to a specific network operator's network, eliminating the need for manual SIM lock.

This feature can be combined with Instalments or PAYG model. 

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M-KOPA utilising HMD Softlock for Nokia smartphone fleet

M-KOPA, a prominent and fast-growing fintech platform, provides connected asset financing solutions for smartphones and other assets in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Using the HMD Softlock solution, the company can remotely lock its Nokia smartphones in the event of late payments or fraud risks. As a result, M-KOPA has been able to significantly increase device sales while reducing financial risks.

“HMD’s Softlock solution have allowed us to rapidly scale up our smartphone solution across Sub-Saharan Africa. Regardless of volume, the technology is robust and reliable, and the team are both knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs as a growing business.”

Jesse Moore, CEO and Co-Founder, M-KOPA

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HMD Softlock's remote locking technology opens new market possibilities

In HMD's vision, the Softlock approach can be applied to all kinds of industries and products in the future. One such example is modern motorbikes, which may require financing programs similar to those used for smartphones. This paves the way for the future development of a customised Softlock solution for other asset financing programs.

If you're looking for such a solution for your product lines, get in touch and we'll discuss what HMD Softlock can do for your business. 


Trusted security

As our user base expands globally and new licenses are added each month, building and maintaining trust is paramount to us.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide strong security that prevents fraud and hacking attempts, as well as a transparent privacy policy. Compliant with GDPR, Softlock's platform supports the best security practices.

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Ready to implement HMD Softlock for your industry?

HMD Softlock's scope is constantly expanding, with plans to expand into new industries and use cases.

Contact our team to learn more about the benefits of HMD Softlock for your business.