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What is
Enable Pro?

HMD Enable Pro is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution based on the latest Android Enterprise capabilities. Our intuitive management console gives your IT department all the tools they need to enroll and centrally manage any Android-based smart phones or tablets in your company’s device fleet. As long as they run Android 12 or later, you're good to go. 

One management platform for increased visibility and security



Zero-touch and QR code enrollment

No more time-consuming phone-by-phone enrollment. Quick and easy EMM deployment methods (zero-touch enrollment, QR code) allow you to deploy any number of devices at the same time – just a few simple steps and your devices are ready to go.

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Device status tracking

With the 'Devices' function, you can easily keep track of all enrolled devices, along with their current state, including battery level, memory usage, and security status.

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Fully Managed Mode

Using Fully Managed Mode your IT department has full control over your company-owned devices - including settings, usage and applications.

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Work Profile

Using Work Profile enables Bring your own device (BYOD), so your employees can use their preferred devices while maintaining the security of your company data. With separate profiles for work and personal things, your employees never have to worry about sharing their private information.

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Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows you to lock down Android devices to a single app or to a few predetermined applications. This enables your devices to be used in a variety of employee or customer-facing functions, such as a self-service kiosk.

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Managed Google Play Store

With Managed Google Play Store, you can easily distribute your company-owned apps and control which apps the device users can access. Limiting your devices to a few predetermined apps simplifies the user experience and ensures your devices are only used for their intended purpose.

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Remote lock and data wipe

With HMD Enable Pro, you can remotely lock and wipe your devices in the event that they are lost or stolen, ensuring that your company's data never falls into the wrong hands.

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Real-time location tracking

With our companion app, you can see the location of your company owned Fully Managed and Kiosk mode devices, so you can be sure that they are where they should be.

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OEMConfig app

Additional Android management features are available to Nokia smartphone and tablet users through the OEMConfig App on top of the Android Enterprise management features. 

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“The ability to utilise such an advanced Enterprise Mobility Management solution across multiple device types and brands is invaluable to us. HMD’s reliability and responsiveness has meant that we are able to fully trust that KPIs will be met and therefore roll out the solution to a high volume of users with confidence.”

from 3 USD per license/per month

Flexible pricing to suit your business model

Whether your device volume is stable or changing, we have the right payment option for you. You can choose monthly billing, bi-annual or an annual payment subscription, depending on what best serves your needs. Pricing starts from just 3 USD per license per month.


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HMD Enable Pro is part of total enterprise solution of smartphones and services. Head to the Nokia smartphones page to discover the range of devices, all supported by our Nokia smartphone lifecycle support services



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