Docobo bringing a new era to remote patient monitoring

Docobo is a UK headquartered digital health company that provides digital tools to its clients to support patients and care givers through remote patient monitoring and population health insights. Their patient monitoring solutions transform out of hospital care and serve a range of conditions while meeting regulatory standards.

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The client was tasked to help Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust to remotely monitor thousands of vulnerable people during and beyond the COVID-19 lockdown. HMD Global supported Docobo by supplying 3,000 smartphone devices (Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 1.4) that met cost, reliability, and longevity requirements – supporting the widespread use of their patient monitoring application at a critical time.

“Working in healthcare, we are very stringently monitored and regulated. The devices we use must be approved, assessed, and checked,” says John Tarrant, Operations Manager at Docobo.

“HMD Global was able to quickly supply us with the Nokia 1 Plus that ticked every box for caregivers and patients. The HMD Solutions team also help us with software, hardware, and connectivity, it has made implementation and technical support so simple.”


Working with vulnerable patients, it is vital the devices used to access the Docobo app meet the functional needs for a straightforward user experience.

As Tarrant explained there was a "real need for a low-cost device that is not only reliable but also has an appropriately sized screen for elderly patients and people with poor eyesight, or those with limited dexterity. The Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 1.4 devices provided by HMD Global have been fantastic for that.

Tarrant also called out the support provided by HMD Global and how the team’s responsiveness addressed any challenges.

“We encountered a problem when setting up the devices, with the SIM cards required roaming on at all times. The units however would default to roaming off, when devices were switched off.

We feared this would stop us in our tracks but HMD Global solved the issue less than a day after we brought it to them.

Timely support is critical for a client the size of Docobo working in an industry like healthcare that cannot afford time lost to technical issues.

“The complexity of technology nowadays is such that, as a smaller company, we can’t possibly hope to be able to cover all the bases. Now, if we have a problem, we know who to call and we know they will be on hand immediately.”


Since the partnership began in March 2020, Docobo has gone on to implement HMD’s Connect Pro SIM management solution for enterprises to deploy patient devices. In addition, using the HMD Enable Pro enterprise mobility management solution, Docobo is able to easily enroll and centrally manage all the devices securely.

“Implementing HMD Enable Pro’s Kiosk mode feature means we can lock the phones used by remote patients down to just our app. This turns what was a lengthy phone-by-phone process into a very simple one and makes the phones very secure from a data standpoint. It also brings simplicity for the end user who doesn’t have to find and load an app. When they turn on the device, it is there.”

“As we started to benefit from HMD Connect Pro’s IoT data roaming connectivity and the remote device management console with HMD Enable Pro, it allowed us to oversee secure device use and see SIM status – adding another level of security and removing guesswork.”

HMD Connect Pro provides IoT connectivity to over 600 networks via multi-network SIM cards.


HMD Global’s affordable, ‘all-in one’ offering has proven valuable as Docobo responds to a growing industry need for remote monitoring and digital solutions.

“The number of devices HMD Global were able to provide at a price that worked for us, and our NHS clients was a big selling point. As was their reliability which means they will last longer in the field. We didn’t want to buy something that was here today and gone next week.”

“There are companies that provide just a platform or a service, or SIM cards or devices only. HMD Global does it all so we feel that’s a better proposition for us. If we have any issues or we don’t understand something, we haven’t got to decide who to call. Thanks to their joined up Technical Support they understand what we’re asking and deal with it.”

Docobo’s patient monitoring application supports the caregiving process by enabling providers to communicate with and monitor patients remotely. The reliable device and service solution provided by HMD Global is an important part of this positive contribution to healthcare.


Docobo is a UK pioneer in digital health and data management and has been delivering innovation in health and care technology since 2001. With a team who are highly experienced in digital health applications, Docobo is the provider of two independent but interoperable software platforms: ARTEMUS™ and DOC@HOME®. Committed to interoperability and patient care, we are innovators in digital health and population health analytics and intelligence and can provide full end to end solutions and insight driven change consultancy. Docobo is part of the System C and Graphnet Care Alliance.


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