Accon avm enabling high security level with Nokia devices

Accon avm uses Nokia smartphones for secure FMI enterprise communications



The company aimed to renew its smartphone fleet to ensure a high security level for its customer’s very sensitive business data. At the same time, the fixed line and mobile communications infrastructure was to be merged into a single integrated solution.


1,100 Nokia 7.2 smartphones were zero touch enrolled into the enterprise mobile device management solution to enforce the company’s security policy. The legacy PBX was replaced by a cloud
FMI solution.

“The zero-touch enrolment of Nokia 7.2 smartphones into the company’s device management solution, Microsoft Intune, was simple and straightforward.”

Kevin van Doorn Owner of Benk Groep


  • Powerful yet cost-efficient smartphone fleet
  • High security level thanks to monthly security patches for three years
  • Two years of software upgrades for future proofing
  • Quick and easy deployment thanks to zero-touch enrolment
  • FMI solution enhances customer relationship

Accon avm, a Dutch company of auditors and consultants that tailors its services to the needs of international clients, ran a project to renew its smartphone fleet and merge their fixed and mobile communications. To ensure data security, Accon avm’s IT solution provider recommended Nokia smartphones with Android One.

Another selling point was zero-touch enrollment, which enabled speedy deployment to 1,100 smartphones whilst reinforcing company security policies. Last but not least, a new Fixed Mobile Solution (FMI) enhanced the company’s telephony experience.

For Accon avm's more than 1,000 auditors and consultants, a close customer relationship is an
essential part of their work – be it at the client's premises or by phone. In order to ensure the
best possible telephone accessibility, Accon avm decided to transform its telecommunications
infrastructure in early 2020.

Two previously separate infrastructures for fixed line and mobile
communications were to be merged into one. With an FMI, Accon avm employees can be reached under one single number on their mobile phone - anytime and anywhere. At the same time, they still enjoy all of the features of a classic PBX.

data security with dark background-1

Customer data require a high level of security

HMD Global was chosen as the supplier because security was right at the top of Accon avm's list
of requirements followed by its need for cost-effective, high-quality, enterprise-class smartphones. Maurice Krutzer, IT department Accon avm, explained:

“As auditors and tax consultants, our employees constantly deal with our customers’ very sensitive business and financial data. This means that we won’t make any compromises when it comes to security.

For this reason, our IT partner, Benk Groep, advised us to purchase Nokia 7.2 smartphones based on Android One. This decision means that our employees’ smartphones will get frequent and quick security patches for a long period.”


Security promise for Nokia smartphones with Android One

HMD Global’s security promise to deliver monthly security updates for three years as of the first shipment month of the respective Nokia Android One smartphone – plus two years of software upgrades. Andrej Sonkin, General Manager Enterprise Business at HMD Global, said: “To make the availability of updates transparent, our publicly accessible ‘Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary’1 shows details about the patches for each Nokia smartphone.


Quick and seamless provisioning of 1,100 smartphones

In addition, the zero-touch enrolment helps to ensure a high level of enterprise security. It
allowed the IT team to deploy Accon avm’s 1,100 Nokia 7.2 smartphones without the need to set
up each device manually. As soon as an employee powers-up a new smartphone for the first time, the device automatically installs the company defined EMM agent; after the user authentication all company apps and configurations are installed over-the-air. This ensures that the setup of each smartphone is compliant with company app and security policies.

The Accon avm project was the first Benk Group had dealt with involving Android zero-touch
enrollment. The project team was impressed with how seamless the process was. Kevin van
Doorn, owner of Benk Groep, summarised,

“The zero-touch enrolment of Nokia 7.2 into the company’s device management solution, Microsoft Intune, was simple and straightforward”.

Zero-touch enrollment ensures enforcement of security policies “Once we figured out the right settings, the deployment of devices was pretty easy,” Maurice Krutzer said. He added:

“Having enrolled the smartphones into our mobile device management, it is easy to enforce our security policies. For example, we now have maximum control if a device is lost or stolen; it's just one click to bring it to factory settings and delete all sensitive data remotely.”


Digital workplace with many productivity tools

During zero-touch enrolment, a large variety of apps designed to support employees in their
daily work were also installed. The Accon avm mobile workplace includes the complete Microsoft Office 365 suite; the cloud-based ERP suite; an online Afas business software solution for HR administration, billing, procurement, and accounting: and the KPN EEN app to combine secure internet, fixed-line calls and mobile telephony.

Positive feedback for the FMI solution and Nokia smartphones

After several weeks of operation, Accon avm remains pleased with the new integrated fixed/mobile solution. “We are very positive about our new communications infrastructure and the Nokia 7.2 devices,” Maurice Kutzer summarized.



About Accon avm

Dutch consultancy and accounting firm Accon avm has focused its services specifically on the
activities of international entrepreneurs. Accon avm combines the advantages of international
accountants and advisors with the expertise of Dutch accountants and tax advisors.
Accon avm supports its clients with a huge expertise in accountancy, tax advice, payroll
processing, legal advice and customs questions - always in accordance with the latest legislation
and regulations.

Accon avm has 1,000 employees in 40 branches in the Netherlands. In Germany, Accon avm
partners with Dornbach and in Belgium with SBB and BOFIDI.
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About HMD Global

Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, HMD Global Oy is the home of Nokia phones. HMD designs and markets a range of smartphones and feature phones targeted at a range of consumers and price points.

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