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Consumer Electronics

IoT in consumer electronics is one of the fastest-growing segments with surging demand for applications like wearables and smart home capabilities.

To be competitive, manufacturers need reliable IoT connectivity to support massive deployments of devices. They need device management that is easy to set up, works globally and provides an exceptional customer experience. 

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Consumer electronics are already using a wide range of IoT and M2M applications. 


Fitness and wellness tracking: Wearables enhance fitness and exercise activities.

Infotainment: Smart infotainment systems use virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies to create new user experiences. 

Smart home control: Users can monitor and control home appliances, heating, lighting, and security systems. 

Product enhancements: Over-the-air upgrades and activation offer new customer experiences and support upselling. 

Personal asset tracking: Users can monitor the location and movement of valuable items and pets. 

Healthcare monitoring: Health care professionals and users gather health data to monitor personal health and protect the wellbeing of vulnerable people.

Improvement in productivity

The rapid uptake of IoT and M2M solutions in consumer electronics will continue and probably be accelerated by the impact of Covid-19. Many daily activities happen online today, like distance work, fitness classes, and social life. Presence-free living increases the demand for wearables and other telecommunication devices. Furthermore, the pandemic will also intensify the use of devices for monitoring personal health.

However, there are also challenges in realising the full potential of IoT solutions. The main worry for consumers is trust. They are concerned about how data is collected and shared, and they are apprehensive regarding the security levels of their devices, possibly leaving them open for attacks. 

On the business side, manufacturers need a clear-cut and robust IoT solution that can handle the distribution of many devices. Simply integrating an IoT SIM card into a device at its point of manufacture will not achieve the connectivity performance and security that underpin great customer experiences.

HMD Connect Pro delivers such a solution for the consumer electronics industry. With the managed, global connectivity of Nokia WING, we provide the high-performance, extreme efficiency, and low operational costs that consumer electronics manufacturers need. We take security very seriously, as does our strategic partner, Nokia, who has designed top-level security solutions for decades.

HMD Global is already a significant player in the mobile market, where security is vital. Naturally, we do not share data with third parties, and all data is hosted entirely in the cloud within the European Union. Our infrastructure is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.

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In particular, HMD Solutions brings:


Global reach with local connectivity: Seamless, consistent connectivity in every market while complying with local data protection rules.

Low latency: Our infrastructure delivers ultra-low latency with extremely high availability. 

Ample bandwidth: High-capacity connectivity to support advanced,  IoT cloud-enabled services. 

Less complexity: There is no complex partner ecosystem but straightforward global device management with one contract. 

Rapid scalability: Device makers can launch new models and services without delay. Up to 95% of our IoT platform is hosted in the cloud, making it highly scalable for new regions without lengthy network rollouts. 

Excellent customer experience: Consistent services when devices travel between WING-enabled CSP (Communications Service Provider) networks.

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