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IoT solutions help agricultural enterprises efficiently manage production and boost yields by providing detailed information about what is happening in the fields.

Farmers can get precise insights into irrigation, insect infestations, fertilisation, and livestock welfare. However, IoT and M2M device management require strong, uninterrupted, and simple connectivity.

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IoT and M2M solutions help farmers monitor and manage, thus increasing productivity

Crop management: By monitoring soil/irrigation and crop health, farmers can optimise yields. 

Soil monitoring: Dedicated probes gather data for analysis of conditions such as soil temperature, salinity, and moisture. 

Smart irrigation: Automated irrigation systems collect soil data to deploy water and nutrients efficiently. 

Weather monitoring: Weather stations capture data for analysis to guide farmers on optimum sowing and harvesting. 

Pest control: Detecting pests, their location, activity, and behaviour pattern provide insight into infestations and when to apply pesticides. 

Drones-as-a-Service: Deployed for crop surveillance, planting crops, pesticide spraying and more. 

Improvement in productivity

IoT and M2M solutions will mean a fundamental improvement in productivity for an industry facing many challenges. There is pressure to increase productivity as the world’s growing population demands more food. At the same time, agricultural businesses must contend with limited arable land, finite water resources, unpredictable climate conditions, and shifting structures of the farming workforce.

Farmers need solutions that ensure high yields, increased profitability and better protection of the environment. That is possible with smart farming and IoT solutions, where farmers can monitor and manage the business to increase productivity.  

However, the farmers also need a simple IoT management solution, not involving many partners and service agreements. Farmers require seamless and robust M2M device management to gather data at all times.

HMD Connect Pro and Nokia WING provide this solution with straightforward, reliable connectivity: one contract, no complex partner system. 

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Furthermore, HMD Connect Pro offers

Low latency, high bandwidth: Your applications depend on strong and seamless connections made possible with the Nokia WING network.

Low costs: Uniform SLAs and consistent operations reduce costs.

Fast time-to-market: The Nokia WING platform is almost entirely hosted in the cloud, making it highly scalable to support extended agricultural areas and new IoT solutions.

Future-ready technology: The cloud-native IoT infrastructure supports multiple technologies and is ready for new farming applications.

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