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Why HMD Connect Pro?

iot connectivity across the globe

Strong partnership with Nokia Wing

At HMD Global, we have a heritage that we are proud of - and determined to honour. The Nokia heritage. Nokia has always been known for excellent performance, network quality, and reliability.

Working closely with Nokia, HMD Global has shipped hundreds of millions of Nokia phones since 2016. We are now expanding our partnership. Since summer 2021, HMD Global and Nokia have collaborated on bringing world-class IoT connectivity to enterprises globally.

Our close relationship with Nokia allows us to utilize their wealth of experience and expertise in connectivity technology, such as the Nokia WING platform. And it ensures that we always offer the latest and most trusted competitive technology solutions to our customers. Our partnership with Nokia WING makes us uniquely positioned to provide connectivity to enterprises.

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Superior multi-network connectivity

What you want from an IoT network is constant connectivity wherever you are. We offer truly global and reliable coverage with network and multi-network access in over 200 destinations. A proven M2M solution with millions of SIM cards connected and managed through Nokia WING globally.

Our network contains one of the highest numbers of breakout points where we automatically choose the closest, most efficient, and secure network. This means unsurpassed low latency, ensuring a stable and fast connection for your business.

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Security is in our DNA

Secure handling of your data is a top priority and part of our heritage. Nokia has been working with secure connectivity for decades, and we take pride in maintaining the same focus.

HMD Global is already a significant player in the mobile market, where security is at the forefront. We work with security by design, meaning our infrastructure and processes have been designed with security in mind from the outset, and we never lose that focus.

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Future-proof: 5G ready infrastructure

When making a business decision about IoT connectivity today, you want to ensure that it is future-proof and ready to capitalize on 5G opportunities. Not to worry.

Together with Nokia we are focusing on 5G readiness to ensure that our customers can take advantage of this new generation of connectivity. We built our network from the ground up to meet these stringent requirements, relying on a distributed, flexible architecture that allows for seamless 5G upgrades.