HMD Global announces collaboration with Nokia and CGI

HMD Global collaborates with Nokia and CGI to empower the enterprise IoT market


Bringing together industry-leading infrastructure and technological expertise, HMD Global creates further step change for its enterprise solutions

 Love it: Empowering businesses worldwide with easy-to-use enterprise solutions for new and emerging IoT use cases

 Trust it: HMD connectivity services to be underpinned by leading Nokia WING infrastructure

 Keep it: Increased security, efficiency, and technological innovation for enterprise customers

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces two strategic collaborations which will underpin the growth and development of its enterprise Internet of Things offerings to businesses worldwide. HMD Global will work with renowned Finnish telecoms infrastructure company Nokia and global IT consulting firm CGI to further its commitment to providing global 5G connectivity, unmatched security, and trusted innovation for enterprises.

Janne Lehtosalo, VP Services at HMD Global, says: “Through working with our enterprise customers, we have seen a rapidly increasing demand for 5G-enabled IoT and global connectivity solutions. That is why we are proud to be collaborating with two global leaders, Nokia and CGI, who both share our values. Together, we can bring even more innovative and secure solutions to the market and empower enterprises to achieve their business goals.”

Industry-leading infrastructure

As part of the partnership with Nokia, HMD Global’s enterprise connectivity solutions will now be underpinned by the renowned Nokia WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) technology. Nokia WING is an advanced managed connectivity service that allows operators and IoT MVNOs to support their enterprise customers with IoT connectivity and management on a global scale that works across all borders, networks, and use cases.

Nokia’s technological expertise in global IoT connectivity and 5G infrastructure provides businesses with a trusted and future-proof technology backbone for their IoT use cases as they grow and scale.

Intuitive IoT management

HMD Connect Pro allows businesses to manage up to tens of thousands of connected devices through a simple-to-use management portal. Through the integration, businesses will get real-time visibility into the status of all connected devices and IoT assets, manage SIM lifecycles, and ensure they are secure at all times. From connected vehicles to connected containers or connected healthcare, enterprises of all sizes can utilise the intuitive yet powerful self-service portal as a single pane of glass for monitoring all IoT activity.

Through HMD Global and Nokia’s shared values of uninterrupted connectivity and simplified management across borders, customers can gain a competitive edge, raise productivity, stay secure, and achieve their IoT ambitions.

Ankur Bhan, Head of Network Function as a Service at Nokia, said: “Working with HMD Global we will provide a superior worldwide IoT network presence for a consistent level of customer support. The HMD Pro service will leverage an ever-growing connectivity ecosystem. Nokia WING provides a borderless connected world for IoT reducing complexity for enterprises and allowing them the highest level of control over their assets wherever they are.”

Renowned technology expertise

Through this partnership, CGI will offer HMD Global’s enterprise offerings, including HMD Connect Pro, HMD Enable Pro, and smartphone hardware as part of CGI´s end-to-end services portfolio to its clients. CGI offers clients deep insights into system integration and enablement, along with industry-leading data analytics and cloud technology – all of which are vital to a modern business.

CGI is a partner and expert of choice in helping clients navigate their digital transformation journey, providing added value through expert support and consultancy. This partnership will also integrate CGI’s wealth of innovative offerings into HMD Global’s existing portfolio of enterprise products to deliver the unmatched security, improved efficiency, and deeper technological interoperability demanded by enterprises today.

Markus Olenius, Vice-President, Advanced Analytics Solutions at CGI Finland, says: “We have witnessed the increased use of advanced analytics in all industries. In recent years, analytics and artificial intelligence have become central to advancing enterprises’ business strategies. We have supported the growth of HMD’s business and the positive customer experience of Nokia phone users through analytics. Through this agreement, we will further support their integration projects end to end – including on-premise and cloud technologies, application development, data analytics and security services – which will further benefit all of HMD's customers.”

Security and trust are paramount for enterprises in an increasingly digital world. Teaming up with industry leaders in the telecoms and IT space ensures that HMD Global’s services will continue to be trusted by businesses – big or small – across the globe.

HMD Global’s current portfolio of dedicated enterprise offerings include connectivity, device management, and hardware solutions. HMD Enable Pro is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that allows control of connectivity assets all in one place, making for hassle-free operations. The intuitive service enables real-time visibility of all connected devices – a one-stop EMM solution.

HMD Connect Pro empowers organisations to manage all sim cards in their fleet globally through a singular management console. The service is designed with ease-of-use in mind, from the UI to the flexible, transparent, and competitive billing.

The well-loved and trusted Nokia smartphones are a part of the industry recognised AndroidTM Enterprise Recommended Programme. HMD Global provides the perfect device proposition for businesses of all sizes with strong commitments to software innovation and security updates for up to four years for peace of mind.

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