EMM solutions offer exciting opportunities for SMEs and IoT providers

By Andrej Sonkin, General Manager, Enterprise Business.

Enterprise Mobility Market audiences

On a high level, there are two separate but interconnected developments in the enterprise mobility market. Companies, large and small, want to equip their employees with smartphones and tablets for their daily personal use. Added to this, there are companies who build and manage connected IoT solutions for their customers. For both audiences, there is good news. Gone are the days when making this a reality was slow, expensive, and difficult.

We see barriers for both of these audiences breaking down, as they turn their connectivity visions into reality in a cost-effective way through advances in both commercial-off-the-shelf smartphone capabilities, as well as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

HMD Enable Pro on laptop

A fully featured EMM solution

A fully featured EMM solution, such as our just-launched HMD Enable Pro makes it easy for organisations to manage their smartphone and tablet fleet, whether they are used to making office or remote work more efficient, enjoyable, and secure, or whether they power the new world-changing IoT solution that everyone will be amazed by.

As once complex mobility solutions become more accessible and easier to adopt, even for SME’s, we are starting to see some really exciting work being done by small, agile businesses who are laser-focused on providing solutions to real life challenges. These include companies such as Finnish specialist technology provider Luokkahenki, whose mission is to safeguard the health of school kids by monitoring the indoor air quality in Finnish schools.

Enable Pro dashboard wide viewHMD Enable Pro

As a new entrant into this fast-growing sector, we are in a fortunate position of being able to apply fresh market insights and latest technologies when creating our solution. There are a several key reasons why I’m particularly proud of our new EMM offering – our customers tell us that we have succeeded in our goal of making our EMM really easy to use, making it accessible and enjoyable to use for everyone. Being a full-blown EMM, it can be used for both company-owned and BYOD smartphones. And it is developed in and run from Finland.

I have been part of HMD since its beginning, and even after many years in the mobile industry, seeing a new addition to our offering is a special moment. With HMD Enable Pro now in our solution portfolio, the total solution offering for businesses encompasses Nokia smartphones and accessories, Nokia smartphone lifecycle services, as well as connectivity and EMM solutions. This gives customers an option to simplify their selection, optimise their Total Cost of Ownership, and, very importantly, the possibility for support from the same manufacturer for their whole mobile solution. It’s the key reason why HMD Enable Pro, in combination with Nokia smartphones and a connectivity solution from HMD Global proved such an excellent fit for the Luokkahenki team.

With the launch of HMD Enable Pro this month, I feel that we are on an exciting journey with our Enterprise business, and well equipped to serve our customers and partners in new and innovative ways.