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Bringing a new era to remote patient monitoring with HMD Enable Pro

HMD Solutions and Docobo, a UK leader in digital health and data management technology, are working together to revolutionise remote patient monitoring. With the HMD Enable Pro platform, Docobo can enroll and centrally manage the devices caregivers and patients use to record daily symptoms, vital signs, and overall health of patients.

Using the Managed Play Store feature, the company's own app can automatically be installed on all devices, ensuring the device is ready for use as soon as the user receives it.

“Implementing HMD Enable Pro’s Kiosk mode feature means we can lock the phones used by remote patients down to just our app. This turns what was a lengthy phone-by-phone process into a very simple one and makes the phones very secure from a data standpoint. It also brings simplicity for the end user who doesn’t have to find and load an app. When they turn on the device, it is there.”
John Tarrant, Operations Manager at Docobo

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Luokkahenki utilising HMD Enable Pro to improve classroom air quality

Mold problems in Finnish schools drove tech start-up Luokkahenki to rethink the way air quality is measured. Students in the Luokkahenki program self-evaluate their health once a week using the Luokkahenki app on a dedicated mobile device.

However, Luokkahenki faced the challenge of making sure their devices were used correctly and for their intended purpose. Here's where HMD Solutions stepped in. Using HMD Enable Pro to deploy devices in Kiosk Mode, Luokkahenki was able to limit the use of their devices to their own app and block access to all other apps and browsers. 

“Kiosk mode is essential for us,” Salminen says. “We can be sure that each of our phones is only used for its intended purpose: as an interface for our service. No one is able to surf the web or play games with our phones. This acts as a safety feature for us – it is useless if anyone steals it and you can’t use it as a mobile phone. Knowing it remains locked for our use is very important.”

Jaakko Salminen, Founder & CEO, Luokkahenki Oy

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