Network settings toggles

Learn how to use the network settings on the HMD Enable Pro management console

  1. Enable data roaming
    • If disabled, will turn roaming off and disallow modifying the setting on the device
  2. Enable Bluetooth
    • If disabled, will turn Bluetooth off and disallow modifying the setting on the device
  3. Enable hotspot configuration
    • If disabled, will prevent modifications to the hotspot configuration
  4. Enable Wi-Fi configuration
    • If disabled, prevent modifications to the wi-fi configuration (Note: The devices should have an active mobile data connection or pre-set Wi-Fi before turning the option off. Use with caution!)
  5. Enable network escape hatch
    • If enabled, will allow devices without network connection to connect to a temporary network upon reboot (Note: If Wi-fi configuration is disabled, the setting will be overridden)

network settings toggles

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