Google Play test tracks

Learn how to take Google Play test tracks into use via the HMD Enable Pro management console

Private apps and apps published in Google Play can be tested via Google Play Developer Console’s test tracks before going live. The HMD Enable Pro now includes an option to take the app test tracks into use via policy’s application settings.  

closed testing google tracks

Taking test track into use via policy

  1. To access the developer console for the private apps added via the Google Play iFrame, navigate to your app details and select “Make advanced edits”. Enable the test track as per Google’s instructions Set up an open, closed, or internal test.
    • Once you have set up the test track on the Google Play console, set up a new policy or navigate to edit your existing policy.

      access developer console for private apps

  2. Select the app to view the app specific details.
  3. Choose the preferred test track from the Test versions drop down
  4. Select Save

    view app specific detailsOEMconfig for Nokia staging
    Development closed test
  5. Select Save and deploy to push the change into the devices using the policy.
    • The devices will be updated with the test track APK version as per Google Play app update rules. 

applications and permissions

Note that the devices with the specific policy will start using the test track when defined. It is recommended that you keep the test policy and the policy for live devices separated.


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