Learn how to enroll new users to the HMD Enable Pro management console

  1. Navigate to Devices view
  2. Select Enroll devices option

    navigate to devices view

  3. Select policy you want the devices to enroll to

  4. Select the device group you want the devices to be added automatically upon enrollment

  5. Choose your preferred enrollment options

    • Save system apps
    • Allow personal usage for enrolling BYOD or other work profile devices
    • Using the mobile data for enrollment*
    • Default Wi-Fi settings
    • Token expiration
  6. And scroll down to select ‘Generate token

    general enrollment settings

  7. For Zero-touch, copy the token to dpcExtras field in the Google’s Zero-touch portal. On the portal choose “Android Device Policy” as the DPC for the HMD Enable Pro EMM.
  8. With the QR Code Enrolment scan the QR code or send to your device user
    • For both fully managed / kiosk devices:
    • If your device is not out of the box, you will need to reset it first
    • See next section for more instructions on the QR Code Enrolment on your device
  9. For Work profile, send the link or the QR code as an image to the device user
enrollment types for devices

NOTE: the work profile link can also be scanned with the Google Lens


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