Configuring multiple Wi-Fi networks

Learn how to configure and save multiple Wi-Fi networks from the HMD Enable Pro management console

Configure and save multiple Wi-Fi networks via policies


Note that this is considered as an advanced policy feature and can be found on the policy view after you have added a new policy.

You can also modify existing policies to include Wi-Fi setups. 
  1. On the Policies view scroll down to see the Wi-Fi settings card, select Add network

    Location services Policies view
  2. Add the network name (SSID)
  3. Choose if you want your devices to connect to the network automatically
  4. Select the encryption type 
  5. Enter password and other required info for your network setup
  6. Select Save

    add network name
  7. Deploy the changes to your devices
  8. Use the Edit option to update the configuration and Delete to remove the setup from the policy.

deploy changes to our devices


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