Approving applications for your organisation

Learn how you can approve applications for your organisation using iFrame and Play for Work

There are two ways of approving apps for organisations; via the iFrame or from the Play for Work:

  • To approve via the iFrame, just navigate to Applications and select Approve. This is currently the recommended approach for all users.
  • To approve in the Play for Work, select the Approve apps option. The option will require that you sign in with the account that was used to create the enterprise.

navigate to applications view of HMD Enable Pro

Approve apps for your organisation via Play for Work 


Option to link the admins directly to the Google Play for Work.

  1. On the Applications view, select Approve apps
  2. Select Continue
    • Make sure you are signed in to Play for Work / Chrome with the account you used for binding the organisation

    select approve apps

    continue to sign in to Google Play for Work
  3. Search for apps and choose Approve from the apps page
  4. Once Approved, you will see them listed on My managed apps page

    Approve application on Google Play for Work
    My managed apps page
  5. Navigate back to the HMD Enable Pro and start creating Collections available for your device users on the Managed Google Play
  6. Select Organise Apps
  7. Select Create Collection

Organise apps on Managed Google Play

Create app collections on Managed Google Play

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