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Secure and worldwide IoT connectivity

Global SIM management and connectivity for your IoT devices powered by HMD Solutions & Nokia WING
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What is HMD
Connect Pro?

HMD Connect Pro is the complete solution for
managing SIMs connected to your organisation's IoT devices and assets. It assists business customers with global roaming and enables users to oversee and control SIMs lifecycles, including data usage and security.

The service currently allows you to connect your IoT devices and get coverage via network and multi-network in over 200 destinations, utilising the reliable and low-­latency Nokia WING IoT network grid.

A single platform for seamless connectivity and management


truly-all-around-the world

We are global

A global IoT/M2M solution requires a presence in every country. We offer a truly global and reliable coverage with access in over 200 destinations globally.


Connect any way you want

Our solution supports all radio
standards such as 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE-M, and NB-IoT in selected countries and regions.


Easy-to-use management hub

One central place to manage all your connections - add new sim's, monitor usage and set triggers - all in one place.


Permanent roaming secured

Truly permanent roaming is part of our network agreements with network operators. 


Full fraud control

Real time usage information for total control and fraud prevention. All visible from your Management Hub.


Automation rules

Define and set your own powerful
automation rules to simplify and
improve efficiency.


Always best network

We offer multi-IMSI in most countries - that way, you can be sure your devices always remain connected with no fear of downtime.


Strong security

We take security seriously - and are fully GDPR compliant. All data is stored within the EU. 

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Trusted connectivity

At HMD, we take trust seriously. After all, the trust that businesses place in us to deliver secure connectivity for their operations is vital to their success. That's why we have partnered with Nokia, providing the most reliable and advanced IoT network in the world.

As a solution that has been developed for the future, including the benefits of 5G connectivity, Nokia WING platform offers innovative and premium security features to bring the most reliable and lowest-latency network in the world. HMD Connect Pro works with up to tens of thousands of your organisation's devices, keeping them reliably connected with no fear of downtime.

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SIM management and continuous roaming for remote patient devices

HMD Solutions and Docobo, a UK leader in digital health and data management technology, are working together to revolutionise remote patient monitoring. 

Since the partnership began in March 2020, Docobo has gone on to implement HMD’s Connect Pro SIM management solution to provide continuous roaming for the devices used by caregivers and patients. In addition, using the HMD Enable Pro enterprise mobility management solution, Docobo is able to easily enroll and centrally manage all the devices securely.

“As we started to benefit from HMD Connect Pro’s IoT data roaming connectivity and the remote device management console with HMD Enable Pro, it allowed us to oversee secure device use and see SIM status – adding another level of security and removing guesswork.” 

John Tarrant, Operations Manager at Docobo

"Working with HMD Global we will provide a superior worldwide IoT network presence for a consistent level of customer support. The HMD Connect Pro service will leverage an ever-growing connectivity ecosystem.

Nokia WING provides a borderless connected world for IoT reducing complexity for enterprises and allowing them the highest level of control over their assets wherever they are"

Ankur Bhan, Head of Nokia Wing

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